As the Multimedia Art Director at RA (Resource Advantage), I leverage over 17 years of professional B2B corporate design and marketing experience. My diverse skill set encompasses many areas, including print and digital marketing, print layout/design, UI/digital design, branding, and more. I have a strong track record of translating complex ideas into visually captivating and impactful marketing materials tailored specifically for the corporate sector.
Throughout my extensive career, I've played instrumental roles in numerous organizations, leading and collaborating with cross-functional teams to consistently achieve exceptional results. Some of my notable achievements include successfully rebranding multi-billion-dollar product lines, overseeing the end-to-end development of brand websites, and crafting compelling marketing collateral that resonates deeply with corporate clients.
In addition to my professional endeavors, I am deeply committed to knowledge sharing within the industry. I actively engage in consultation, mentorship, and speaking engagements, drawing from my extensive expertise in B2B corporate design and marketing. I'm enthusiastic about continuing to contribute my skills and dedication to elevate both RA and its clients to new heights of success.
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