Dauphin North America needed to update their product brochures across the line. The existing brochures had become dated and with a revamp the goal was to make the brochures more sophisticated to better represent the products. Inspiration was taken from Dauphin Germany’s product brochures using the dauphin gray with an isolated product shot. 
The interiors were updated to have a more modern, showroom feel. Where necessary new product photography was done to better represent the most current version of the product line. 

39 different brochures were produced to update the product line. They were also adapted for use on the Dauphin website. 
Dauphin North America, having updated their product line and included an extremely comprehensive modular seating system, required a complete overhaul on their price list. Part of this included mapping a new spreadsheet system to link to the price list document. 
Coming in at 148 pages, the price list was given a large run and distributed to Dauphin’s entire sales force. 

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